Installed gedit 3 (involved updates), will no longer reboot

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Installed gedit 3 (involved updates), will no longer reboot

Postby unclebuck on Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:56 pm

I've got Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon (32-bit) installed and wanted to use gedit-gmate. I tried to install it but it needed gedit 3 and the default was 2.*. I followed These directions

to install gedit 3 but it didn't work, so then I found these and it did

Now we run into trouble, clearly the ppas added in the first directions added quite a few updates, and I installed them. So first my file manager stopped working, and when I rebooted it just was stuck with "restoring resolver state" at the bottom of a bunch of text.

How screwed am I? I'm currently using an older Linux Mint I've got installed on that box just in case I colossally screw up like I just did. I have access to the partition the other broken OS is installed in. So it's not totally catastrophic, but I'm hoping there's a chance I don't have to purge and reinstall.

What steps can I do to get that OS working again?

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