Menu Editor Seems Broken

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Menu Editor Seems Broken

Postby JosephBeck on Wed Jun 25, 2014 12:09 am

I am messing with menu editor (for the mint menu and Starkmenu which I prefer) and it is doing a very poor job so I am not sure if this is just a bug or it is naturally faulty.

For example Okular (a pdf program) was for some reason automatically placed under the Office category. I cut and paste it in Accessories, yet it is still in Office when I go back to that category. I delete it from Office and now it is gone completely from both Office AND Accessories (with no undo button to bring it back). Anyone else have this problem? I am for sure using cut, not copy. It removes Okular from the menu in Office but after I paste it in Accessories it is back in Office too.

This is happening with several programs. Putting them back isn't too horrible but it should be working correctly which is what I am concerned with. Why isn't there an undo button? It would make sense to have one, or that if you cut something it's actually a cut like it is supposed to be. Also curious if I can organize programs within a category by more than A-Z order. You can move the categories up and down but not the programs themselves which is unfortunate.

I'm using Mint 17, Cinnamon edition.
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