LinuxMint17 Cinammon and Perl/tk font problem

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LinuxMint17 Cinammon and Perl/tk font problem

Postby mado67 on Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:06 am

Hello all,

I've been using LinuxMint for a few years now and recently upgraded LinuxMint16 Cinnamon 64bits to LinuxMint17 Cinnamon 64bits. And reinstalled all of my software. Everything went fine except for one that I have to manually installe, Guiguts used for proofreading. It uses Perl/tk and I am having a problem with the fonts, it doesn't recognize the installed fonts, when gnome-font-viewer is fine. The problem is with Perl/tk as someone at highlighted to me.
Would someone know if there is one specific package I should add ? Just for infor I didn't have any problem in LinuwMint 16, and before, but that might be because some packages were alreadt installed because of another software. This time I had to manually install libwww-perl, libx11-dev, libpng12-dev which I didn't have to do previously.
Some of the fonts that Perl/Tk can see are bitstream charter, clean, clearlyu and variants, courier 10 pitch, fangsong ti, fixed, gothic, ...

Any guess ?

Thanks all.

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