Instruction on how to convert lossless .wma to .flac

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Re: Instruction on how to convert lossless .wma to .flac

Postby Colin66 on Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:26 am

A method using ffmpeg was described earlier in this thread.
The package ffmpeg is no longer available from the Mint 17 repositories.
You have to install the package libav-tools and then use the command "avconv" in place of "ffmpeg"
The parameters used with avconv seem to be the same as those used with ffmpeg.
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avconv -i someFile.flv -t actualLength -ss startDelay -vn -acodec copy outFile.m4a

This will extract a .m4a (aac codec) music file from a downloaded Youtube flash video file with the same sound quality as in the original file.
"startDelay" is the time in seconds after the video begins before the audio actually starts.
"actualLength" is the final required length of the .m4a file in seconds.
i.e. these 2 values allow cropping off the start and end of original file.
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