Auto Update Synaptic repository packages?

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Auto Update Synaptic repository packages?

Postby plevans on Sun Nov 01, 2009 12:51 am

Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically refresh the list of available repository packages in Synaptic? Apparently, from what I read here -, this is possible with APT:

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Automatic Update

To automatically refresh the list of available packages daily, edit /etc/sysconfig/autoupdate to include AUTOUPDATE_ENABLE=yes

It would be nice to have this option with Synaptic.

I am running Gloria with Gnome 2.26.1.

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Re: Auto Update Synaptic repository packages?

Postby DrHu on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:59 pm

Start synaptic automatically with boot or login
Set Synaptic updater to check for updates, see screenshot
--or leave it running and save that as your session
The normal method of automation in Linux is using cron to automatically take some action at some pre-determined interval..
--if you leave your system on all the time, otherwise there is a time sync problem; it works well for servers

Cron, and apt ... g-cron-apt

Terminal, apt search update
    p update-apt - A nightly Debian update tool.
    p update-manager - GNOME application that manages apt updates
    p update-notifier - Daemon which notifies about package update

The all-in one method via synaptic
--if you have the required system utility installed
    Synaptic works hand-in-hand with Update-Notifier and Update-Manager to inform you about updates to the software installed on your system.
    Update-Notifier displays an icon in the notification area when updates are available. It will display a pop-up message and an icon in the notification area on your GNOME desktop.
--they changed its operation (update-notifier) on Ubuntu 9.04, apparently it had annoying update notification pop-ups for some people..

Screenshot, Synapatic (Package manager) Preferences..
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