[Mint 9] How to completely uninstall MythTV?!

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[Mint 9] How to completely uninstall MythTV?!

Postby chrisvw on Thu May 20, 2010 7:15 am


I'd like to remove the MythTV from my box, when I'm trying to do so (i.e. with aptitude), it wants to remove all of these packages as well:

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  apport-gtk{u} libdbd-mysql-perl{u} libdbi-perl{u} libhtml-template-perl{u} libmysqlclient16{u} libmyth-0.23-0{u}
  libmythtv-perl{u} libnet-daemon-perl{u} libnet-upnp-perl{u} libplrpc-perl{u} libqt4-opengl{u} libqt4-qt3support{u}
  libqt4-sql{u} libqt4-sql-mysql{u} libvdpau1{u} mysql-client-5.1{u} mysql-client-core-5.1{u} mysql-common{u}
  mysql-server{u} mysql-server-5.1{u} mysql-server-core-5.1{u} mythtv mythtv-backend{u} mythtv-common{u}
  mythtv-database{u} mythtv-frontend{u} mythtv-theme-arclight{u} mythtv-theme-blootube-osd{u} mythtv-theme-blueosd{u}
  mythtv-theme-graphite{u} mythtv-theme-iulius-osd{u} mythtv-theme-metallurgy{u} mythtv-theme-mono-osd{u}
  mythtv-theme-mythbuntu{u} mythtv-theme-projectgrayhem-osd{u} mythtv-theme-retro-osd{u} mythtv-theme-titivillus-osd{u}
  mythtv-themes{u} mythtv-transcode-utils{u} ntp{u} pwgen{u} update-manager{u} update-notifier{u} wmctrl{u}

is there any issue with dependences in the official mythtv package or what? What should I do? Purge mythtv* packages one by one with dpkg -r --force-depends packagename? Please help!

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