it's happening to you too in mint 9?

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it's happening to you too in mint 9?

Postby pegamoid on Thu May 20, 2010 9:36 am

hello all

I have some questions about, I am using mint since daryna, and configuraton and customitation always worked fine for me, how I like, but some things turned not good:

amule, look the snapshot, never happened to me before...


rhythmbox, it dont minimize to icon at all ¿?¿ why? how?

Hard drives partitions, they mount without ask password, why? how?

totem, no local search plugin?

compiz fusion, wall desktops plugin, i used always the mouse wheel for change desktop, but only changed when i pressed on desktop, now change over everything, yes i changed options for change only on borbers screen, but I miss how worked before

febe doesnt save backup in ntfs ?

it's happening to you too in mint 9?

Thank you
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