Greek Unicode does not work properly

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Greek Unicode does not work properly

Postby Maecen on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:42 am

A week ago I installed Linux Mint 10. Today, I encountered an annoying problem: when I type in Greek unicode, not all dead keys are supported. For example: ά works, but α with a circumflex, grave, spiritus (asper and lenis) and iota subscriptum do not seem to be supported. When I try to type an α with a grave it results in `α, and a spiritus (for which the ; and " keys are used) results in nothing at all.

My default keyboard is USA International (with dead keys), and I simply added the Greek keyboard (just like I did in Linux Mint 8, which worked flawlessly). Using Greek extended or Greek polytonic keyboards did not change a thing.

I hope someone knows how to help me; thank you for your attention!
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