How do I get Open Office to save Pictures not just link them

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How do I get Open Office to save Pictures not just link them

Postby Christof999 on Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:58 am


I recently have been copying a few articles from my friends website. Now the pages have text along with graphics. Now on Microsoft office, when I would select the text and picture, and then paste it into a document and both the test and the picture would be saved for further viewing even offline. Now I can do the same thing in Open Office, but instead of saving and embedding the picture into the document it simply gives a link to the website or place the picture is saved on the hard drive. I want to make it so that it actually inserts the picture in the document when I copy and paste, and doesn't link to the site or hard drive. How can I get open office to do this?

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Re: How do I get Open Office to save Pictures not just link them

Postby Husse on Sun Nov 25, 2007 5:42 pm

What you describe used to be the default for MS.
I added an image to a document then moved the image to another folder and the (writer) document did not change. This and the fact that the size increased with the size of the image tells me it's included
This was done with "Insert". If you try to copy/paste an image you get some link, in my case the name of and path to the image.
Insert > Image > From file
If you copy an entire odt file the same, for html documents this is at least partially true (some small images seem not to be copied)
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