Importing archives to Thunderbird in Daryna

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Importing archives to Thunderbird in Daryna

Postby T J Tulley on Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:26 am

Having installed Daryna and overcome some of the initial problems, I have now replaced the (backed-up) original directory .mozilla-thunderbird in my Daryna home directory (named /theo) by a copy of the similar directory from Celena. This contains all my e-mail records for about the last six months. All went well EXCEPT that (a) one folder in Local folders appears without its subfolders, and (b) mails in the Inbox of Celena were not transferred - I expected the whole to be transferred "as is".

I examine the file structure in File Browser:

/.mozilla-thunderbird/ydwjs1w0.default/Mail/Local Folders contains folders of type .sbd corresponding to the mail folders in the corresponding Thunderbird screen, (except that there are no .sbd folders for Inbox and Drafts). These are each accompanied by 2 files of the same name, of types Mailbox file and .msf (C source code) which also exist for Inbox and Drafts.

One of the mail folders is named: '0_Civic, politics et c..sbd' and it contains sub-folders which appear in Celena but not in Daryna. Why are they failing to display? It appears to have been successfully imported.

Other folders have sub-folders which correctly appear with their contents - including sub-sub-folders.

Trying to transfer the missing mails from the Inbox of Celena's Thunderbird, I used the 'save as' option on each of these to save it as a file of type .eml to a site which I can access in Daryna, expecting to be able to drag it from there directly to the Inbox in Daryna. (I have often carried out a similar procedure in Outlook Express). However, on inspection the resulting saved files although named "xxx.eml" are shown as being of Type: plain text document. They won't drag, and won't copy/paste into the Inbox. What can I do?
Yours hopefully -

Theo Tulley.
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