custom volume reset on reboot

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custom volume reset on reboot

Postby dipstick on Sat May 19, 2012 9:39 pm

Hi, I'm having issues with my sound being reverted to default volume levels on reboot. On my desktop, I have effectively, 3 sound systems. standard analog audio, audio through the video card to my tv and monitor via dvi to hdmi cables, and a usb mono headset. On reboot, the headset's speaker volume would be reset to 0 and the speaker and mic would be muted. Every time I want to use skype, I have to fire up pauvcontrol and alsamixer to unmute and adjust the volume in alsamixer as pauvcontrol thinks its at full and sometimes, skype's audio gets defaulted to the main sound system forcing me to have to use pauvcontrol to redirect it back. Also, I cannot sent audio to the monitor and tv through pulse simultaneously, its one or the other unless, I go within the app itself and point it directly with the alsa sound system. Not exactly the solution I had in mind. The rest of the volumes are fine, just the usb headset gets reset. To top it off, sometimes the headset simply disappears and I have to reboot for it to reappear because unpluging and pluging it back in does nothing. different port, nada.

Next up, my laptop. The only notable issue I have with it's sound is the "speaker" volume that seems to control the overall volume of the system that might be seen as a preamp given when the master is maxed out, it comes out distorted if it's set to 0. To which, on reboot, the speaker volume gets reverted back to 0. An annoyance if the laptop was to lose power while in standby or while running. The only way to keep the volume is to hibernate which takes too long imo to save the ram to disk or simply sleep, which I practically always use. I got 30 days uptime by simply putting it to sleep and carrying it with me back and forth to work. :D

Is there someway to make it save the volume or is it something I just have to deal with? It's really annoying to have to play with the volume controls everytime a machine is rebooted or powered up from a cold start.

Some files on my systems and pics of my desktop's pauvcontrol app.


Assistance in the matter is greatly appreciated.

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