Flash issues. Audio pop/keyboard input lag every 4-5 seconds

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Flash issues. Audio pop/keyboard input lag every 4-5 seconds

Postby legoman666 on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:16 pm

Hi all,
Running Minut 13 Cinnamon x64 on a Lenovo T61p. Flash 11.3 installed with the latest Chrome dev with nVidia proprietary drivers. I'm having a weird issue with flash. Any time Flash is active, my computer makes a small popping sound every 4-5 seconds. During the pop, input from the keyboard lags until the end of the pop. Killing flash in the "view background pages" in Chrome fixes it until the next time Flash is launched. While watching a video in flash, the video playback skips during the pop as well. The mouse does not skip nor does text input in other programs, like Terminal.

Additionally, fullscreen flash video has not worked for me for ages in Chrome dev x64 on Mint. I had 2 machines running Mint 11. Neither had working fullscreen flash. I click fullscreen and nothing happens. I upgraded one of the two, my laptop, to Mint 13 and the problem persists. It works in Firefox though.
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