xbmc not recognizing my video files

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xbmc not recognizing my video files

Postby jonass on Sun Jul 08, 2012 11:33 pm

I have already attempted to get an answer to this at the xbmc forums with no luck. I use xbmc for my video files on a linux mint 11 htpc machine. The majority of those files were ripped using handbrake on a windows 7 desktop. I recently switched that desktop to linux mint 13 and again using handbrake converted some old dvds. The resulting video files work perfectly in vlc or mplayer, but for some reason when I add them to my xmbc source, xbmc says "no video file in this path". I have tried this with xbmc on both the htpc and the desktop computer and in both instances xbmc fails to recognize the files. Here is a pastebin with the media info of a working file ripped on win 7 and another ripped on linux, http://pastebin.com/raSqv1Jt

Also I'd note that adding the source is not the problem, all other movie file in the xbmc source do function properly, only the files ripped on the linux desktop won't work.

Any help?
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