Sound Issues on Dell Inspiron N5030 - Mint 13 XFCE 64

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Sound Issues on Dell Inspiron N5030 - Mint 13 XFCE 64

Postby sserbanro on Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:43 pm

Hello, everybody!
i posted HERE a strange thing that happened to me, and I've been suggested to start a new topic. Since it is a very important subject and in the end i found the solution i think you might be interested to know.
sserbanro wrote:I have a weird problem-->
SYSTEM: Dell Inspiron N 5030, dual Core @ 2,30 GHz (T4500)
OS: Linux Mint 13 XFCE 64/ Build 10 APR 2012.
Facts: After installation, everything seems OK. I have sound, flashvideo works (both in FFox and Chrome!) and then, after about 6 or 8 hours, the sound stops!
However, any attempt to fix it, goes to nothing!
The weirdest thing is that after rebooting, I hear the login sound and even more, after login, I hear also the welcome sound! But after this, nothing is wrong according to controls still, SOUND = 0!!
I tried to change the interface to a Behringer UCA 222. Guess what?
With this generic USB driver, I HAVE SOUND through UCA 222!
The sound hardware module is Intel 82801I, ICH9 HD Audio controller, Rev 03
Can anyone help me with this weird behaviour?
What happens, where comes it from?
Thanks in advance!
Serban Stanescu

MENU-->MULTIMEDIA-->PulseAudio Volume Control.
This will bring up the PulseAudio dialog which lists all available hardware.
In my case, there is:
    * a Behringer UCA 222 2/2 USB audio interface, which is identified as PCM2902 Audio Codec Analog Stereo, both as >Input Device and Output Device.
    * a Lexicon Lambda, which is identified as Lexicon Lambda Analog Stereo and
    * the system default I/O, Intel 82801I, ICH9 HD Audio controller, Rev 03[/b], which is identified as Built-in Audio Analog Stereo
Now, from here, I can set the device I want to use.
I chose Lexicon Lambda and I muted the "Built-in Audio Analog Stereo"
I left also the Behringer interface, but the sound gets out from Lexicon. I also tested desktop session recording with RecordMyDesktop and it works fine.
The second set of settings, is from Tray.
I clicked the speaker icon and chose Sound Settings, which brings up a driver Dialog, showing the following drivers:
    * HDA Intel
    * USB Audio CODEC
    * Lexicon Lambda
I selected the Playback: Lexicon Lambda Analog Stereo item
This allowed me to use alternately all three devices.
This configuration setting is very useful, especially when recording desktop sessions with a quality microphone and other uses, regarding audio/MIDI recording.
In my case, i could give a 900% boost (gain) to mic level, which is more than enough. The sound was very good and even syncing A/V was fine!
The microphone I used, is a Behringer SM8500 (dynamic).
Nothing beats persistence!
Şerban Stănescu
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