Another FlashBlock issue [Tip]

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Another FlashBlock issue [Tip]

Postby Lord High Warlock on Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:44 pm

Just thought I'd share this with everyone, in case someone else has problems like these...

I recently installed Maya on a brand new hard drive for my 10-year-old Dell Inspiron 8600. With very few headaches, I got it up and running in record time (for me, anyway). However, I noticed a couple of things when Google released its Star Trek Doodle. Mainly, it had no sound. It played fine on my work PC, and also my mother-in-laws' Windows PC, so I, naturally, assumed it was a minor issue with Maya's drivers. I placed the issue on the back burner, and went about enjoying Maya's widgets.

Then, a few days later, I noticed that I couldn't play anything at Sound Cloud. The songs would load, and the Play Button would flash, but that was all. Again, I assumed it was a minor issue with Maya, and moved on.

Yesterday, while I was at the My Les Paul Forums, I accidentally clicked someone's Sound Cloud song embedded in their signature. To my surprise, it played just fine. THAT got my immediate attention. I went to the song's page, and lo-and-behold, it would not play. This got me to thinking that my minor sound issues weren't Maya's fault after all.

The first thing I disabled in FireFox was Adblock Plus. This made no difference at all. So the next add-on I disabled was FlashBlock. And, viola! My sound issues were gone. I confirmed this by turning it back on and off again just to be sure. Then I ran across the author's help file, which mentions problems with both Sound Cloud and Google.

The very easy solution was to go into FlashBlock's Preferences page, and add both sites to its White List. This meaning that FlashBlock will not run on these sites.

So, if you happen to have FlashBlock running, and you're getting what seem to be intermittent sound issues, try disabling it first. If that fixes your sound problems, just add your troublesome site(s) to its White List.

Enjoy! :D
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