<solved>Who has a copy of pepflash 11.3~ to email me a copy?

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<solved>Who has a copy of pepflash 11.3~ to email me a copy?

Postby lizbeth on Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:09 pm

I have been having problems with newer versions of chrome and chromium pepflash is out of date (though it does work) and every site with flash gives me that stupid error. Does anyone have a copy of pepflash 11.3~? Please email me! send me a message if you have it and i'll give you my email address to send it to. Thanks!


Like most things i ask for help with, i solved it myself. the problem seems to be with the fglrx video drivers. the ones from AMD are the beta drivers and when i switched back the the drivers supplied by default withe the xorg (though they are sadly inefficient in many respects) the issues resolve themselves. now trying the fglrx drivers supplied in the repositories.
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