No sound coming out from a Macbook 5,2 headphones

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No sound coming out from a Macbook 5,2 headphones

Postby canhoto on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:58 pm

:( Can anyone help solving a problem on a Macbook 5,2 running Linux Mint 16, in which no sound comes out from the headphones nor external loudspeakers? I tried to change things in Alsa Mixer and Sound settings, but with no luck. It does mute the built-in speakers and it recognizes the phones (in the sound settings), but no sound comes out from it.

I tried lots of possibilities of changing /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , namely those suggested in this thread, which should work:

But the result is always the same:
- when I plug in the headphones/earphones, the built-in speakers are muted, but there's no sound from the headphones
- in alsamixer the Headphones column is automatically unmuted and put to a high volume; but nothing comes out; I tried to unmute and increase the volume level of all the sliders (speakers, PCM, master, etc.) but no success: still no sound from the speakers

The chipset is a Realtek ALC889A.

BTW, I have another Macbook (2,1) running Elementary OS Luna and it runs out of the box

Any help, please?
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