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No sound in flash

Postby Nafta on Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:49 am

Hey, I don't have any sounds in flash. In Spotify it works just fine. I can see the movies but not hear any sound. The sound is on and when i check in Preferences - Sound - Applications the sound is on in "ALSA plugin-container" I use headphones (analog) Running mint 16 Petra and Firefox 24.0. According to flash I have "You have version 11,2,202,335 installed"

Seems I don't have any sound in VLC either with bot mp4s and flvs. But Spotify and Skype works fine.. I turned of auto mute and I have 3 output devices to choose from Digital output (S/PDIF) and Analog output But when I choose one of them I get a new one which says "Dummy output"

This is what alsamixer shows

Uhm that's all I know actually, any solutions?

Regards, Nafta

Edit: I posted this in the wrong forum so please move it to where it belongs.

This is now resolved, I ploughed to an guide
Before just getting the now obviously advice from an user in linuxmint-help "Reboot" and that solved it.

But it raised another question, I can use Spotify and listen to music, but not watch flashmovies/vlc/whatever at the same time. But if I close Spotify I can watch movies and vice verca. Any thoughts on why? :roll:
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