USB Headset Not Working with Skype

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USB Headset Not Working with Skype

Postby swagatopablo on Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:48 am

Upgraded to Mint Petra, Cinnamon. I have a CAD usb headset which is working fine with other applications, except skype. When I try to find the options in skype, there are dozens of similar looking options and I am at a lost. I have seen some advices on pulseaudio and alsa, but don't know what those things are. So if you suggest me to use them, please don't assume any background knowledge. I just want to use skype for calls and the sound setting can be just like other applications (I don't need different options for different applications.) Please help.
Screenshot for sound setting
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Re: USB Headset Not Working with Skype

Postby DrHu on Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:43 pm

So, from your screen shot, it looks like the audio device to use is the internal intel one, not the USB microphone/speakers
--and allow skype to set audio levels, while that application is running

Pusleaudio is the default audio control application for min'ts (Gnome or Ubuntu derived releases) desktop

For skype, you'll have to check some operations/setups to find out if it works for you..n (it will take a little experimentation trying some tests etc ) ... sb-headset ... 25383.html

Some technical data/testing to check sound settings..
--he uses alsa (as the sound controller), but the idea is similar, except that pulseaudi can use the GUI interfaces (pavcontrol) which will give you the sound settings you have), and which device have which status.. (are active etc..)
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