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Video acceleration?

Postby giantjoebot on Thu Oct 25, 2012 9:25 pm

I found a great set of instructions, with an excellent explanation, but its for Arch. How would I do this in Mint? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm new, and I'm trying to learn.

Video acceleration
Video Acceleration API (VA API) is an open source software library (libVA) and API specification which provides GPU acceleration for video processing on Linux/UNIX based operating systems. The process works by enabling hardware accelerated video decode at various entry-points (VLD, IDCT, Motion Compensation, deblocking) for common encoding standards (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ASP/H.263, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, and VC-1/WMV3).
VA-API gained a proprietary backend (in November 2009) called xvba-video, that allows VA-API programmed applications to take advantage of AMD Radeons UVD2 chipsets via the XvBA (X-Video Bitstream Acceleration API designed by AMD) library.
XvBA support and xvba-video is still under development, however it is working very well in most cases. Build the xvba-video package from AUR or soon, install it from [community] and install mplayer-vaapi and libva. Then just set your video player to use vaapi:gl as video output:
$ mplayer -vo vaapi:gl movie.avi

These options can be added to your mplayer configuration file, see MPlayer.
For smplayer:
Options → Preferences → General → Video (tab) → Output driver: User Defined : vaapi:gl
Options → Preferences → General → Video (tab) → Double buffering on
Options → Preferences → General → General → Screenshots → Turn screenshots off
Options → Preferences → Performance → Threads for decoding: 1 (to turn off -lavdopts parameter)

Here is the link of where I found this.

I found the first part myself here I actually found this earlier, but was wondering why would xvba be using vaapi. vaapi is for intel, but then I found this explination ... celeration
Code: Select all
sudo apt-get install xvba-va-driver libva-glx1 libva-egl1 vainfo

Code: Select all
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sander-vangrieken/vaapi
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mplayer-vaapi

Apparently Arch has a mplayer-vaapi package in their repos ... ayer-vaapi, but we don't have one in our repos, and have to use this one


Well I tried for a few hours, and got nothing. This did nothing. Was not able to get video acceleration in anything. I'm really frustrated. This is driving me nuts. I've seen a lot of replies to questions about getting this working, and people say it works great for them, but never how they did it.

Using the drivers in the repository and the ones from AMD's website made no change. I swear when I used "sudo apt-get install xvba-va-driver libva-glx1 libva-egl1 vainfo" it uninstalled the AMD website drivers and installed new ones.

I really want to be able to show people how cool Linux Mint, and I cant drag my desktop around

"silent scream inside my head!"

I know I could use XBMC, but I was hoping I could use something else like vlc or smplayer. Why is there a xvba version of xbmc and not mplayer when xbmc uses mplayer, well at least it use to. I read that the xbmc implementation is a lot better than mplayer-vaapi. Its been a long time since I tried using abmc with a mouse, but I'm going to give it a shot since I can't seem to find another solution.

Enough for tonight. I'm going to do a fresh install tomorrow if I have time and start over.


Well I didn't go to bed, and instead learned about AMD's Linux drivers. At this point I'm giving up on getting Linux on this laptop. I watch a lot of anime, and the video quality just isn't there. My nexus 7 play anime better, and a whole lot easier than my laptop did running Linux. I spent a whole day trying to get it to work. Its time to move on. It really sucks because I really like AMD, and I would prefer to buy AMD over intel, but next time I buy a laptop it will probably be intel because at least I hear intel has decent Linux drivers. I'll still buy AMD cpu's, but not their apu or graphics cards. Oh well back to windows 7 on my laptop.
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