Shutdown = Restart (ie.. Mint 14 will not shut down)

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Re: Shutdown = Restart (ie.. Mint 14 will not shut down)

Postby Paul0320 on Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:59 pm

well thanks for that info Chadmiller, didn't realize LTS would let this pass. Does no one shutdown there PC in testing, surprised a bug like this gets passed. I never heard of a bug like this before.

While i didn't get to test my little experiment yesterday. Further reading into it, i don't it would have worked anyhow. ... es/1056248 - Customizing the Linux bootup and shutdown processes

The /etc/shutdown.allow file is a text file that contains one username per line. Each user named in this file is allowed to use the shutdown command.

The way i'm reading this, my experiment will not do anything, it will simply tell Mint i have persimmon to "shutdown". And will simply do it's Restart instead. I do not believe this is the file to fix this.

In scientists link, the "sudo shutdown -P now" Should work. The second suggestion i may try as well. Anyone trying this, make a backup of grub file before editing. Or comment out old with #
than make the change.

Somewhere in a text file is a single Letter doing this, from -r when it shoulda been -P
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