Mint 14 'No Network' on 2012 i7 Mac Mini 16gb

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Mint 14 'No Network' on 2012 i7 Mac Mini 16gb

Postby martkt10 on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:53 am


I followed how to intall Mint on an external drive connected to my mac mini, all of Mint 14 works well except i have no internet,
bottom right of the screen it says 'No Network'

I checked the hardware in system in os x and it says the following

Network : Broadcom 577661-A1
Air port Extreme : Broadcom 43** 1.0

In mint i opened terminal, so i get the wireless device Id with ' lspci -nn '
It said 14e4:4331

When i go to settings it shows a picture of the network cable, and say's 'unplugged' and off, i try turning it on, but nothing happens.
Being that im a complete noob when it comes to computer's, is their anything silly i havent done?

I should also note, i have also windows 7 as a duel boot on my mac mini, and everything works as it should do including internet.

Any help would be very useful


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