(Mint13 Xfce) Set monitor display position?

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(Mint13 Xfce) Set monitor display position?

Postby misce on Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:28 pm

Running Linux Mint13 Xfce. There's a little strip of black space on the left side of my display/monitor, using this monior.

This is not a Linux/Mint/Xfce problem, since this is the default setting of the monitor (can't change default settings, either). i.e., when my computer starts up and the bios screen loads, it is off-center (strip of black on left) - but it automatically fixes itself (centers). In between the bios screen and my Windows login prompt (dualbooting), it un-centers itself... but, again, automatically re-centers itself.

>>>>>How do I make this automatic centering happen?<<<<< I thought I can do it by simply editing the Xfce Settings Editor settings (http://i.imgur.com/rqYkL.png middle right), but for some reason that does absolutely nothing (?)(I've restarted, still nothing).

I can fix the display by manually adjusting the monitor's settings through the physical menu, but I don't want to do this countless times a day (in fact, I don't - I live with not being able to see a sliver of the display on the right side). The reason this even happens is when the monitor goes nonphysically-off/"No Signal" - which I do via a command initiating xscreensaver whenever I step away from my computer - the monitor reverts back to its "default display/monitor settings."
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