[SOLVED] Display drivers gone awry

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[SOLVED] Display drivers gone awry

Postby Spright on Sun Jan 13, 2013 8:00 am

Dear Mints,

Ever since I did an update yesterday, my display is misbehaving (Mint 14 Cinnamon).

The packages updated were: libpoppler28, libvlccore5, ufw, libpoppler-glib8, memtest86+, poppler-utils; plus many VLC-related packages.

The update, I believe, wasn't quite successful, since I got the "shield+red X" icon after a while. However, after restart I'm getting the "shield+green V" icon.

And now: my resolution won't go above 1024x768. I went to Software Sources and changed the driver from X.org X Server to NVidia from nvidia-current. Now the resolution can go up to 1360x768, but that's still not good enough; it isn't like it had used to be, and the window edges aren't visible when I choose this.

I also tried to press the Reset button on my monitor, to no avail. I also tried to log off and to manually choose "Cinnamon Session", to no avail.

What can I do?



And the solution:

sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current-updates

Interesting. Why did the problem occur at all, if I've been using the X.org driver all along? Should a defective NVidia driver affect the function of the X.org driver?

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