Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet

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Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet

Postby ToxicTundra on Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:46 pm

Ok, color me dumb. I've been looking around on the internet (and this forum) for a way to install the drivers for my new tablet ( a friend bought it for me as a gift) on my computer. I'm running Mint13 (64bit). I'm pretty new to linux, so if anyone can give me directions in as simple an explanation as possible, I'd be eternally grateful. (I also may translate it into a walkthru on my tumblr for other users so it's a touch easier to find.)

The tablet itself is a Monoprice Graphic Drawing Tablet 10x6.25 (if you want to look up details, the S/N is 121100081)

I do understand -basic- computer directions, but linux terminology still runs me around in circles from time to time. I actually managed to tank this laptop trying to update GIMP the first time I tried. (Learning via trial and error, yay fun.)

Anyway, that's Thanks all.

EDIT: on one of the sale boards, someone posted

"To make this work on linux(I did it on LinuxMint 12 and 13)
open a terminal and type:
sudo modprobe -r usbhid
sudo modprobe usbhid "quirks=0x5543:0x0781:0x0040"

to make this change permanent, open a terminal and type:
gksudo gedit /etc/rc.local
then add these lines to this file:
modprobe -r usbhid"

>.> this did absolutely nothing for me
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