iphone/ipad managment

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iphone/ipad managment

Postby mwmartella on Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:55 pm

this is my first post so bare with me if its in the wrong spot or been asked a 1000 times.....

in saying that i have been searching for an answer for 2 days now and so far got nothing.....

This is my first linux use ever, im running Mint14

I am normally a mac user but my macbook died and i cant afford another one, so i got a spare desktop and threw linux on it becuase i had no other copy of an OS

After 2 days ive managed to get Handbrake working for ripping dvds to mv4's but now i want to get them (and Music) onto my iPad and iPhone.....

Ive tried using itunes with no luck (i get a "not installed correctly" message when i try to launch it,

my iphone is deteced by mint as im using the internet from it now, but every time i try to open it with rythym box it just freezes and amarok wont recognise anything is plugged in,

this is the main use for my pc as im always travelling for work and basically use my ipad for everything due to having not laptop at the momoent,

any help would be great!! or a link to a site or post that have solved this problem already.....

FYI its and iphone 4s and i think one of the latest 2 models of ipad

thanks in advance guys!
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