BCM4313 turned into Wifi jammer

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BCM4313 turned into Wifi jammer

Postby miroslav on Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:32 am


probably some weeks ago, i installed an update of bcmwl-kernel-source via Mint-Update to version 6.20. I myself was pleased with the update, connection stability improved a bit. After some time, my buddies at the university started complaining about not having Wifi while working next to me, while my network worked just fine (a bit slower, but not notable at first). Then i tried to switch off my Wifi with the hardware switch and voila, the wifi was working for everyone again. I have been jamming their wifi all this time! I then tried it at home with my phone and had the same results. Note that while another wifi antenna was active next to mine, my network also was a bit slower. ping revealed that my buddies had a package loss of over 80% while working next to me, mine was at about 50%. Backporting to version 5.100 of the bcmwl-kernel-source helped the others, but decreases my connection range and stability quite. Do any of you have heard of a similar case? My impression was that somehow the wifi card is sending with too much power, but i don't know a) how to check this and b) how to prevent this. My current thoughts are buying a different wifi module (intel).

tl;dr: after update my notebook turned into a wifi jammer. BCM4313 with bcmwl-kernel-source 6.20. version 5.100 works, but has significantly decreased wifi range

computer is a HP pavilion dm4 beats edition running Linux Mint 13 Kernel 3.2.0-36
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