HP G62 laptop with hybrid graphics

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HP G62 laptop with hybrid graphics

Postby lobbo on Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:02 pm


I have a HP G62 laptop with hybrid graphics, Intel and ATI HD 5xxx series. When I want to install Mint 1.5 I boot from the dvd but my screen stays black.RESET! I hit "every key" before boot, I have the boot menu, I select boot from local hdd, and then run in compatibility mode. I know it's a video card problem, I've tryed lots of solutions from the forum but none didn't work. I'm a noob on Linux, I have an older HP with Mint 1.5, and from all the other distros I like best Mint. I've tryed Ubuntu 13.4 on this machine, but I could only install it after I installed a Ubuntu boot helper in win 7, to hep me boot. Live cd didn't work (graphics card problem I guess...). After the Ubuntu install, same problem, black screen. Pls help, I want t quit windows, I play Football Mabager 2013 and Civiization 5 via Steam on win. I want too switch to Linux. On my other laptop I love Mint, for office and media playing and It's very friendly for noobs.
Thanks and I hope this isn't a double post!
Football Manager 2014 will run on Linux, and for Civilization 5 is allready for Linux and also sorry for my Engish but I'm not native :D
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