Looking for G15 daemon tutorial

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Looking for G15 daemon tutorial

Postby roranicus on Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:52 am

Hey there. Anyone knows if there's a noob friendly tutorial out there on how to install and run G15 Daemon? I have the clock on the LCD screen on my logitech G15 keyboard but that's it. I do see the model in the keyboard list. All the info I found so far seemed to imply that I could assign my G keys in there, but the option isn't offered. I also can't get anything to show on the screen except the clock. A lot of information also seems to be outdated, contradictory or just too complicated for my level. Anyone managed to set it up before and can give me a hand or an easy to follow tutorial?

I'm using Linux Mint 15, XFCE edition.

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