Keyboard behaving weirdly. Please help

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Keyboard behaving weirdly. Please help

Postby mathewvghese on Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:03 pm

System : LinuxMint 13 Maya installed inside windows 7 using mint4win in HP Pavilion laptop.

I`m using mint 13 for the past one year and didn`t have any issues. I was very happy with it.

But for the last one week, the keyboard is behaving very weirdly. The Prnt Scr button gets activated and continuosly takes screenshots filling up the Pictures folder.(I was not aware of this I thought the screen was simply blinking., Since the space allocated for mint was less it soon got filled up and started getting memory issues.) And the keyboard stops functioning, then when l press all the keys randomly it will start to work again. The frequency of this occurrence started to increase.

To fix the issue I thought of installing all the system updates and did that. The lightdm which I had installed got corrupted and I lost the grub and could not login. So, I went and uninstalled Linux mint from windows.

I now installed Linux 14 using mint4win inside windows. I expected the keyboard issue to be resolved. But unfortunately it started to occur again. Keyboard stopped working and the screen started to blink. Looking at the `Recent Places` I saw that the screenshots were getting generated in Pictures folder, so I understood that the Print Screen button is the culprit and it is getting activated and it disables the keyboard. During that time the touchpad right click and left click also stops functioning.

I thought the issue is with the keyboard, so I vaccumed it removing all the dust. Still that didnt work.
But the keyboard doesn't have any problem in Windows. So the problem is with Linux. Please help me to resolve this.

Thanks in advance.

Summary of the issue : Screenshots are taken frequently, keyboard stops functioning. On pressing all the keys randomly, keyboard starts to work again. Again after some time same thing happens. It stops working taking the screenshots !!!!
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