Mint 15 not recognizing USB headset microphone

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Mint 15 not recognizing USB headset microphone

Postby internety on Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:58 am

I'm running Mint 15, Cinnemon, on a Lenovo T430s laptop.

I'm trying get my Plantronics HW121N USB headset's microphone to work. The headphones do work (I can hear sound).

Plantronics does not support Linux, and they've released no drivers. I'm hoping there is a workaround though. Here's the behavior I see:

If I go to "Sound Settings", then there are two "Output" entries for the HW121N (one digital, one analag). If I switch to the "Input" tab, nothing appears except for my laptop's internal microphone. In these settings, ... 9&p=671551 refers to there being a "hardware" tab, but I only have "Output", "Input", "Sound Effects" and "Applications"

When I run pavucontrol, I do see an entry in the Input Devices tab for the HW121N. The device is not muted. When I go to the "recording" tab, I do not see this the headset listed as a device, but I do see a separate webcam (which has a mic).

Any thoughts on things I can try next?

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