Macbook Air 2013 Broken Screen after Conky! What now????

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Macbook Air 2013 Broken Screen after Conky! What now????

Postby borlo on Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:49 am

Hello i'm new here. I thanks to all the developers of Linux and especially to the Linux Mint Developers. Really awesome looking OS!

As first i thought i will choose some of the Linux Distro's cause these looking really awesome! And the same goes for the handling the system, get along with it. I don't feel to uncomfortable, i feel exact the other way.

Well as first i tried in VirtualBox and decided to Linux Mint 16 Cinnamon 32bit. I got a Macbook Air from Middle 2013 (with the highest Upgrades) and it worked so far, the Installation was good, no failures. A simple Clean install wit reFIt and a LiveUSB from LiveUSB Creator.

After the Setup i changed some official Styles from the Software Center and Systemoptions. I suited for my style. Then i installed Conky like you have to install trough terminal, it worked well too. After that i got Conky Manager too.

So it looked so far good. As i downloadet the Deluxe Conky Theme Pack by Jesse Avalos from TeeJee's Tech site and thought there is no Problem with it. Cause the Main Designs didn't looked to well for my style. So i addet them.

As i had chosen a Design for my Conky i let it be and were going to the toilet, after i came back i had the shock of my life. My screen was broken. The screen showed in rainbow colors where the theme of Conky was. This theme was unfortunately one that proceeds over the right edge of the screen. But i was really dissapointed cause i had so much fun and was happy, then this unicorns..

I will Post later a picture of it but i don't think you can help me saying what's the main Problem if the Screen is broken or the Graphicchip fu**** up. (sorry for my choice of words i'm not the best in english :P)

Well thx anyway for looking by and try to help and offer such a nice OS! I will again want to have the operating system, but at the moment I have a Macbook that does not work and has cost 2,000 Swiss francs.
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Re: Macbook Air 2013 Broken Screen after Conky! What now????

Postby Mute Ant on Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:51 pm

I am unclear whether it is your computer that is damaged or the software system installed on it. Software does not cause hardware failure [ducks flame thrower]. At worst software can provoke hardware into revealing a defect in the design or weakness in a component. Some defects can be worked around and I can sometimes help there. If you can successfully run the Live-CD memory test then the majority of your machine is intact and Mint compatible.
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