Bug! Mint 16 Intel GMA driver a bit broken it seems.

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Bug! Mint 16 Intel GMA driver a bit broken it seems.

Postby Jedinovice on Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:52 pm

I really am not sure where to put this so I am trying here.

Methinks the Intel GMA drivers using in Linux/mint are in error.
The problem manifested itself when I tried to run ‘Morrowind’ on my little Atom n455 – a little slow but oh so useful. Details are here:


Partly as preparation to trial RC’s of Mint 17 when they became available and to confirm a nasty suspicion, I reverted to Mint 13. Bingo. Morrowind leapt back to life!

That HAS to be a driver problem! But other games such as Neverwinter Nights ran fine. So the bug is picky. But this has to be a driver problem, surely. Note, for in fear of regressing, I have not installed backports in 13.
But the Intel GMA drivers are not in the hands of the Mint team, and the drivers get integrated into the kernel I believe. I do not believe there are any external Linux drivers for the intel GMA chipset either. In the games section there is talk of games going under with Mint 16. I think I can now see why.

So, all in all, I fear that Mint 17 is going to inherit a busted Intel driver and that 17 is not going to be suitable for my netbook. :-(

Am I mistaken? I do not even know where to log this as a bug. This is clearly a bug but not one I think the Mint team can fix. I think this might also help explain why Mint 16 KDE so totally failed on me. [I got around it by installing Mate and then KDE as a separate app.]
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