Keyboard not working.

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Keyboard not working.

Postby leifrod on Thu May 01, 2014 10:59 am


I have a problem with my laptop's (Satellite) keyboard.
I had Mint 16 Cinnamon which constantly booted without keyboard or touchpad.
Now fed up a bit I have installed the KDE version.
Seems to be fine for now, keyboard is ok at boot but:
- on wake up from lock screen or sleep there is no keyboard or touchpad, if I connect a usb one I can use it but it does not bring back the laptop one.
- the touchpad config is saying no touchpad detected, check your synaptics driver.
Now the touchpad is ok and working normally apart from wakeup so don't know what's wrong with the config utility.
Could you please tell me how to:
A- config keyboard so it's always on so I don't have to reboot when it drops off suddenly (it happened on the previous install)
B- reinstall the synaptics driver and configure it correctly ( I want to scroll!!!)
Many thanks,

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Re: Keyboard not working.

Postby leifrod on Fri May 02, 2014 4:18 am


Now the keyboard does not mount on boot some time (I think if I do not input at all during boot it does not load)
Also my audio volume keeps changing to mute/low ?
Anyone please help?

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