Cpu Frequency Throttling Problems

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Cpu Frequency Throttling Problems

Postby a7tx42 on Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:50 pm

Hi, i'm having freeze problems....when the the cpu frequency scaling policy is set to Dynamic in the Power Manager, The system just freeze for about 5-8 sec or more. The default scaling is 800,1600,1800,1900. The processor a Turion 64 X2 1900. Every time its change,it doesn't matter if it change from 800 to 1900 or 1600 to 800 it just freeze some seconds.

The problem is on Mint 5 KDE. (Tried the main x64 edition but had to many problems with almost every thing, the touchscreen, the nvidia, the wireless, the fingerprint reader...and having just 3G ram I was told just to change to the 32 bit version)

When installed mint, the throttling was disable by default. So i followed this instruction from the wiki:


basicaly I added this to //etc/modules:

Code: Select all

Some may say that I should put the policy to "performance" by default but that is a big problem for a pavilion tx1000. been in performance state the cores run normally around 60 °C and easily above 85° when I give it some work. (in windows xp its was easy to get it to 90°C, so I know it just shutdown at 95°C) So apart the heavy work for the fan and the risk of "cooking" the cores, it get really difficult to hold it with the bare hands....hello ..its a laptop that is sold as a tablet pc. I could cook an egg in the fan exit. By the way there is no process eating resources.

Im new on Linux...maybe it something silly, hope someone could help me. It took me so much time to make every thing work.

Peace! and sorry for my english

Saludos desde Chile!

PD: i'm new here and a very happy new user of Mint (4 weeks) Vista was just killing me. so happy, that I've make over 20 mint installation last week on my knows pcs. its so friendly compared to other Linux for people that have use windows for years. Well for desktops, the history on laptops is very different. Would love to see a mint x64 kde..this project promise...
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Re: Cpu Frequency Throttling Problems

Postby Husse on Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:54 am

If the only problem is a freeze of a few seconds when the throttling changes and that does not happen frequently I'd live with it until I hopefully stumble over a solution
Some problems are simply not worth the work it takes to solve them
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Re: Cpu Frequency Throttling Problems

Postby a7tx42 on Thu Oct 23, 2008 3:48 pm

mmm, I trought the same but every time I open or close a program it usually happen, beginning to disturb.

Someone told me to change "k8-powernow" for "acpi", don't know if it will work. Anyway will wait until sunday and if it don't fix it, will try an other edition.

Linux is so fragil for people that are starting. First time I installed it, the earphones was plugged in, and there wasn't no way to make the speakers sound, 4 days trying to find I way in forums.....at last its beginning to be so much easer to reinstall.

By the way, spent some day in Goteborg two years ago, used to live in trondheim...man I love your country
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