LM with Wine/Cedega and SLI

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LM with Wine/Cedega and SLI

Postby schnappy on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:31 am

So I've been what most call a minimum system requirement gamer for a while now... currently running an Athlon XP and a 6800 GS. I've scrounged together some bits and pieces here and there, and I'm making a bit of an upgrade. So far here is what I've got:
Abit IL8 motherboard - Supports the early 775 CPU's, has one PCI-E x16 slot with an intel chipset.
7900GT 256mb - I belive it is factory overclocked
2x1gb DDR2 kit
Celeron D - It's crap, but it will let me use pci express!

Soon I will be getting a power supply which I'll be buying new... other parts I'll be reusing from my current system.

So, I'm thinking of getting an nforce4 chipset mobo, a P5NSLI, and getting an additional 7900GT to run in SLI with my current 7900GT. I can get these fairly cheaply and for things that support I should get a decent performance boost.

Now, although I'm a WinXP user, I do like to use Linux every now and then. So I want my upgrade to be as linux friendly as possible, as seeing as I've just discovered this distro I'd really like to use it (or atleast give it a good try). Previously I've enjoyed Ubuntu, but always found myself staying in XP because getting into a game of something was far quicker and rebooting every time to play a game or to get out of a game was just to inconveniant.

So, SLI. How well does it go with Wine and Cedega? I've never had good luck with Wine before, I have with Cedega. I found Ubuntu to be pretty damn good, but it always felt to professional. Like it had to be formal... but from what I've seen and read of Linux Mint - it isn't like that. The OS sort of expects Wine to be there... I'm probably just speaking ****. But basically, from what I've seen, Linux Mint is the perfect Linux OS I've thought of before.

And I'm going off topic. I just want to know if SLI is known to work well with Wine and Cedega? I intend to play a variety of games... Team Fortress 2, battlefield 2, project reality, GTR evolution. My current concern is not with the individual compatibility of these though. Yet...

Thanks :)
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