More ATI trouble with drivers

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More ATI trouble with drivers

Postby esplosion on Mon Jun 01, 2009 12:48 pm

Running an ATI Radeon 2400 pro HD and having some trouble. When Jaunty came out I decided to give it a go. These issues were present there as well. When Gloria came out I figured, as Mint is my preferred distro, that I would give it a shot at the card.

Anyway, install goes fine and it just loads general drivers, no 3d support etc. If I try the restricted drivers that it suggests or if I use Envy to install what it thinks is best, that's when I run into problems. I run 2 monitors and with either of these methods I have trouble. The second monitor, when I run basically anything, will flicker sections constantly and the machine basically responds as slow as possible without completely freezing. 3d etc still doesn't work. I have to take about a 5 minute journey to get to whichever way I installed the driver and get it removed, then relog to get it back to normal.

I would really prefer to use Mint on my workstation, but some things with work require higher graphics functions so I am afraid I have no choice but to stick with XP unless I can get this figured out. I posted on the Ubuntu forums when this happened with Jaunty and I never got any response at all, so hopefully this works out better, since I would prefer to use Mint anyway. Any ideas?
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Re: More ATI trouble with drivers

Postby Solhatt on Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:10 pm

Looks like Ati owners are screwd if they use mint 7 :( I can't put my comuter to hibernate. When i wake up the pc again it only load my desktop wallpaper and my cursor and nthing more and then i have to use the REISUB command=/ even worse if i put my pc in sleepmode. When i resume i will only get a black screen and have to use REISUB command again
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