iLook 300 on Isadora

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iLook 300 on Isadora

Postby r_saati on Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:26 am

I am a new user to Linux, I tried many different distributions and I found that the Linux Mint is "in my opinion" the best distro.

I am now using Isadora , and I am pleased with it on my Lenovo laptop so, I decided to put it on my Dad's desktop computer as well, everything is running smothly and the performance is incredible that mad my dad wants to migrate from microsoft to Linux permanently,

But there is one problem that prevents him from the compleate migration to Linux which is the ( Genius iLook300 ) webcam. the green led on it is always on and skype can not detect it.

I hope that anyone can help me on this issue as I am new to Linux and do not have the experties in solving this issue.

Much apreciated to hear from you soon, just to let my Dad enjoys the Freedom and the Beaty of Linux In Mint's Isadora .

Thanks in advance.
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Re: iLook 300 on Isadora

Postby JasonLG on Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:42 pm

I did a quick Google search and from what I've found that webcam isn't compatible without a kernel patch. It would probably just be easier to pick up your dad a UVC ( compatible webcam, as you said that you're new to Linux. I use a Logitech MP communicate which works with no problems in Mint 9. You can pick one up for $20-$60US depending on the model.
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