Directorys showing up as "Plain Txt File"

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Directorys showing up as "Plain Txt File"

Postby asmith102090 on Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:22 pm

I have a Seagate 640GB external USB drive and it was used as a Time Machine Back-Up drive. So obviosly its in the HFS+ fie system or Mac OS Extended as it's also known. But the problem is I opened it with the GUI's file manager first and it works fine i can i access the HFS file system get all the way to the directory i want to copy and it shows up as a plain txt file. I tried again with bash to the same end. What can i do to get my computer to see this as a directory. I don't want to copy it and it be useless. Oh and by the way on a MAC running OS X 10.6 i can view the files in the folder and copy them just fine. But I need to access the file on this computer. I'm running Maya with Cinnamin BTW. Thanks guys hope i can get this figured out. Oh and also if in the propertys of the drive it says that the space is used for the music files that i can't access but it i go to the directory itself and get the property it says 0 Bytes. Don't know what that mean. I hope there is a work around like i said the files can be copied and used perfectly on a mac but i can't seem to do it. I could try to copy the file over and see if it realizes what it is. I might do that in the terminal now just to see. If it works ill comment it. But im still interested to see why this is happening. Thanks for your help guys.
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