LM Maya and Canon's MP240

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LM Maya and Canon's MP240

Postby Bolbi on Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:34 am

First of all, I do know they are a lot of topics on this forum talking about MP240. Infortunately, none of them helped me... And I did read them.
Here is my probleme.

Hello everyone.

I have a MP240 printer, turned on and plugged in :) I installed it using the gnome-control-center, and it went well. Now, I can use my printer scan without any probleme.
When it was finished, I pressed "print test page". Miracle, a beatiful test page went out. Hapiness was melt in my ink. :D
Until i tryed to print another file...

Here is what happened :
I clicked print, it said rendering complete, the printer manager icon appeared in my notification bar, saying the job was processing...
On my printer, I saw the light blink, as when it is working. And suddently, it stoped blinking, computer said job finished, and stoped there.
This would have been great if my document was print...
Nothing, neither a clean page, went out. I didn't event hear the printer start.

I am disapointed. I couldn't find anything like that on google...
Does anyone knows how to fix this ?
Thank you anyway for reading my post.

Using linux Mint 13, Maya
Runing Mate


Hello eveyone,

I forgot to say :
I tryed installing the drivers from canon website, with all --force-architecture and --ignore-depends and all that stuff...
That failed too.
But, maybe i did it wrong. If you think it is the good way, please explain to me how to do it correctly.

Thank you for your time !
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