CUPS Woes Samsung ML1865W

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CUPS Woes Samsung ML1865W

Postby zimbodel on Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:58 pm

If you do a clean install of Linux Mint the the above mentioned printer and all other printers work.
If you allow updates printing is broken.

After I install the printer with the correct PPD I get the following when trying to print a TEST PAGE.
The printing fails and gives me an error message "Filter Failed"

If I do a self-test page, the printer prints a dump page, saying "If you can read this you are using the wrong driver"
Go figure, I am using the exact ppd for this printer from Samsung's Linux Universal installer.
I used the driver selecting from dropdown, selecting it myself from the driver downloaded from a different source, all the same result.

I trawled the usergroups and tried everything.
1) I compiled and installed the latest cups, result the same.
2) I made sure that the raster files are actually installed by the Samsung Universal driver, which it is.
and so forth...

I did notice though that APPLE now seems to own CUPS and that makes me think that is where the RAT really lies.
Before I take the latter as the reason why Cups fails, does anyone maybe have a suggestion that can resolve this issue.

Cups is starting to give Linux a very-very bad name in business, and my company as a result is moving over to XP on Desktops as a result. You have to be able to print reliably to keep desktops. That is quite something, given that I personally have been using Linux for 13 years and I start to agree that it si not a viable option for desktops anymore due to fundamental problems with e.g. cups.
I personally much rather prefer the old Unix LPR/LPD, but I am not sure if it is still viable since cup took over, especially for wireless printing.
If anyone still uses LPR/LPD and circumvents cups on the latest Mint/Ubuntu/Fedora please let me know as it would save me the time delving into that option.

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