Mint 13 Maya won't recognise any network cards

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Mint 13 Maya won't recognise any network cards

Postby SteveD on Fri Nov 09, 2012 5:14 pm

I've installed quite a few Mint versions and never had this one...

Athlon Dual Core
4Gb Ram
500 Gb hard disk with dual boot Win XP
Drive is partitioned into two drives; one for OS (C) and one for my data files (D)

Mint 13 seems not to be able to see or use any network cards including wireless. I noticed this when I was trying the Live CD but though it might have been a Live CD issue. Burnt another - same problem. So, brave or stupid - I did an install. Same problem except once it did manage to pick up a ethernet card and do an update (I can't figure out why) and then it promptly went back to ignoring all cards no matter what I did. It even reported the Network Manager was not running. So, I checked and the files are installed and even went to the folders to double check. I could edit wireless settings but they seemed not to be saved.

I am now typing this running a Suse 12.1 Live CD and it picked up the cards so I can safely assume the cards are OK under Linux and there are no problems under XP. I've also run Mint 11 as Live CD and there are no network card issues. i've also tried running the Live CD on two other laptops and I get the same problem with wireless set up plus it doesn;t see the ethernet cards.
The only other issue is that it sometimes fails to boot up or if it does, it sits looking for network boot information for about a minute before going to the login screen.


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