bad connections with broadcom wlan card

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bad connections with broadcom wlan card

Postby ck-mint on Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:20 am

hi all,

just wanted to share my experience with you.......

problems with the bc card may not be related to the card or its settings/peripherals, it might be the display!!! as foolish it´s sounds.........

I had big problems with my new lenovo b590 getting and using proper wlan connections with isadora
in XP everything seemed fine

just after a smooth cleaning of the display with a ordinary soft tissue (with some water on it) my connection
went straight from 30/40 percent to a 100% stable (even in my backyard!!!)

sounds real crazy, but I swear telling you no joke!!

so you might just give it a try........

let me know if it helped somebody!


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