Huawei E368 AT&T Connect Force 4G Mint 14

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Huawei E368 AT&T Connect Force 4G Mint 14

Postby zandoval on Tue Apr 23, 2013 3:48 pm

This is not the way but simply a way to set up AT&T 4G connection in Mint Linux 14 in Central Texas (Bastrop) on an Mini HP110-373DX

Mint Linux 14 installed to harddrive and recently updated (updating may not be possible when running live DVD or thumb drive)

Steps for setup: AT&T Connect Force huawei E368

Rem: Device must be plugged into the USB port when starting the computer to avoid multiple address conflicts (but this is not always true, remember that in some areas the cell towers are switching between 3G and 4G after you set this up and connect if it automatically gives you Modem Network disconnected - You are now offline then that means it connected then disconnected on AT&Ts end- So now remove the modem go to edit connections and delete the modem wait about one minute then plug in the modem and wait for prompts to reset and connect)

- Rclk Network Icon on Panel - Edit Connections
- Clk Mobile Broadband
- Clk Add

Now it will go to a Wizard for setting up a Mobile Broadband Connection

- United States
- AT&T
- Media Net (phones) REM: If having problems you can also try Laptop Connect (data cards)

Clk on added connection then Edit AT&T MEdia Net

- Number*99#8888888888 (*99#then your area code and number no spaces)
- Username: Blank
- Password: Blank
- APN: wap.cingular (if Laptop Connect then this will be Broadband)
- Network ID: Blank
- Type: Any
- X Allow roaming if home network is not available
- PIN: Blank (rem: I never assigned a pin)
- Save

Then click on your connection in the panel and if your really lucky it will work - Yeah.
If Not - Boo (back to square one... Sorry)

My Mint 14 was installed to my hard drive and updated. If you are using a live DVD or thumb drive Mint 14 you may want to try this...

Extracted From:

use lsusb and notice if huawei technologies comes up as one of the devices. Get the manufacturer and product id - they should be "ID 12d1:1506".

Find to edit "/lib/udev/rules.d/40-usb_modeswitch.rules" then Rclk to open as administrator

Search for huawei youll get several hits and just find anyone of the huawei entries and change
the manufacturer id to 12d1 and the product id to 1506 and save the changes.

Restart to see if your changes took then

Use command: usb_modeswitch -v 12d1 -p 1506 -s 5

If it states your device has vanished that means it gave it the proper name - Good - Now try with the data above - Good Luck...

2013-0425 - Also Here's a link to an AT&T .pdf that gives some old information on APN pass words and addresses: ... 41477.html
On the newer Huawei modems E35? and systems after 2012 the ID and pass words are not supposed to be needed...

AT&T Cell Phones?

Password: CINGULAR1

AT&T Data Cards?

Password: CINGULAR1
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