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Home network setup advice

Postby gunner_chris on Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:40 am

With the number of laptops, desktops and smartphones in the house I'd like to establish a shared network drive for file sharing.

I don't want the option to have a dedicated computer always on ready to share files.

The home computer will have Linux Mint and dual boot into Windows XP if required. We have a Mac laptop and Windows 8 laptop.

I have a wireless Cisco router supplied by my ISP.

So here is the options that I can think of:

1. Network Attached Storage - get s 3-4TB unit, plug into the router and I'm off to the races.

2. Attach behind the ISP router a gigabit router with USB port and place an external (I have a 1TB already - I can upgrade size later) behind it over USB and all the other devices will connect via that router.

Any Linux considerations I should know about, or suggestions? Everything says its good for Windows and Mac but nothing about Linux (of course)

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Re: Home network setup advice

Postby Kalyk on Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:38 pm

I purchased a PogoPlug a year or so ago for about 20 euros.
There are tutorials how to put Arch or Debian Linux on it, Arch stopped after an update, replaced it with Debian, which is stable as a rock.
That Pogoplug with Debian does everything I need, mostly Samba for Smb filesharing.
And it uses something like less then 10 Watts.
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Re: Home network setup advice

Postby wayne128 on Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:12 pm

I have both , your 1 and 2.

1. Seagate central
http://www.seagate.com/sg/en/external-h ... e-central/

follow their procedure, create public share for everyone, and create some private shares ( need login name and password.

It has LAN , or ethernet /rj45 port. gigabit speed.

I could transfer file to another computer with gigabit speed,,, something like 68-75MByte/second.

power consumption.. idling at around 6-7W.

No issue for any Windows OS, Linux OS, android and media players to access.
I do not have Mac to test.

2. Plug USB drive on USB port of wireless router, capable of file sharing
Used this for a long time.
It depends on the router hardware speed, and firmware support on file sharing.

however, router has low end spec on 'cpu' and limited ram.
file transfer speed will be low.
my asus rt-n16, quite a lot of RAM, file transfer best around 6-8Mbyte/second over gigabit network.

also, no issue for winOS, linux OS to access. No issue to access via internet, ftp, etc.

If you need the speed, use method 1.
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