Can't set a theme or see icon in panel

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Can't set a theme or see icon in panel

Postby two4two on Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:50 pm

Long story. I installed Mint 13 Cinnamon. I decided to go ahead an install all the 400 or so updates. Then I wanted to configure SSH server and VNC server (Vino). I found out I had to install gconf. In so doing I lost a whole bunch of Cinnamon functionality. In fact, all the Cinnamon look and feel went away and was replaced by a partial gnome classic look and feel. But some things were missing from gnome as well. No shutdown icon, no notification area (referred to as panel). I re-installed Cinnamon from Synaptic Package Manager. No help. So I totally removed everything having to do with Cinnamon and installed everything I could find concerning gnome. At least I am able to see shadows of icons, such as network connections and stop button, left over from Cinnamon in the notification area and these icons do function, and I am able to drag/drop new launchers there. But I can't set a theme. And I can't change the background color of the notification area so I can get a better look at the icons that are there. It is black and the shadows of icons are dark gray, so they're hard to see. But, I believe most of my apps are there and they work. There may be some missing. I don't know yet. This all happened today. Oh, and when I boot up, the Mint Welcome is gone. Also, the grub splash is all Debian! Also, a huge bunch of Debian apps are now installed, but many appear to be dups of the Mint distro apps. Only a few new Debian apps are actually installed. What the world has happened ???!!! I suppose I can continue to use this as it is, but it would have been nice for it to not have happened. Anyone have any ideas what to do to reclaim the original look, feel and functionality that was there after the fresh install?
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