Disable Gnome-terminal close tab button on tab?

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Disable Gnome-terminal close tab button on tab?

Postby HumbleUser on Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:40 pm


I use the Cinnamon version of Mint 14. I hate that each tab in gnome-terminal has a close button on it wasting space and trying to trip me up every time I switch tabs ;) I searched a bit on google and it looks like it was suggested that they be removed back in 2009 but the developers refused. So does anyone have any methods to get this done? I read an old post on a Ubuntu site from 2009, but the code has changed so much since then I couldn't find all the places I'd need to modify.

I don't want it to nag when I close a tab, I just want the button gone. As was said at the gnome bug tracker site, there are plenty of ways to close a tab, but none that are so easy to accidentally click.

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