Issue with 'Close window ' on upper right corner in window

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Issue with 'Close window ' on upper right corner in window

Postby framp on Fri Mar 30, 2012 5:39 pm

I have an uggly issue with Mint11 and gnome windows:

1) I open an application and have the window to use the whole screen
2) When I want to close the window I usually click 'x' (Close window) on the upper right corner of the window
3) It happens very often that either
3a) the windows doesn't close but another window which also was open, uses the whole screen and is hidden by the current window, is closed. That way I close windows I don't want to close :shock:
3b) nothing happens and now I cannot click 'x' any more. 'x' seems to be disabled. The windows doesn't respond. When I minimize the window with '-' and open it up again I can click 'x' and the windows closes successfully.

I first detected this behavior on my desktop which has a big LCD screen and I thought it may be related to the size of my screen. But then I got the same behavior on my laptop. I know it worked when I started to use Mint11. It seems I got this issue at some point int time - either with a SW update or some local configuration changes (There is a low probability I did identical config changes on both systems).

Would be glad to get hints how I can get rid of this uggly issue.
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