Reset KDE desktop settings back to "factory default"??

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Reset KDE desktop settings back to "factory default"??

Postby scharkalvin on Wed Sep 05, 2012 6:56 pm

Somehow I've managed to really screw up my desktop. The effects are subtle but very bad. I moved the task bar to the top of the screen because I wanted Cairo-Dock on the bottom, no problem there. However the task bar has become "black" and somewhat transparent, and I can't read anything on it. In addition full screen windows are now under the task bar so I can't reach the menu bar on top. Before the task bar was not part of the desktop area that windows could occupy. In addition Cairo-Dock no longer has the transparency it once did, as if KDE's compaze manager is gone. How can I restore all of my KDE settings back to 'factory' default so I can start from a know working condition. If I create a new user, that user's settings are virgin (except for the fact that my Cairo-Dock settings seem to have been inherited by the new user, along with my startup settings). This being Mint-KDE13 and I'm using the user set up during installation.
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Re: Reset KDE desktop settings back to "factory default"??

Postby kc1di on Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:38 am

hi scharkalvin,

here what I would try.
Go to menu system settings >Desktop Effects click on that at the bottom of the pop up there is a tab that says defaults click that one. then hit apply.
Next go to system setting > Window Behavior do the same thing see if that will not restore things to normal.
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Re: Reset KDE desktop settings back to "factory default"??

Postby CaptHilts on Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:19 am

before you are going to do that, just back it up:

go to your home directory /home/"yourusername" and then show the hidden files/folders (alt+.) then look for the folder .kde4 (/home/user/.kde4). Back it up. Then delete that folder. Either log out / in or reboot. KDE is back to factory, however all the plasmoids you have downloaded via the download manager will also be gone.

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