Sound Hiccups in LM14

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Sound Hiccups in LM14

Postby drewdlekins on Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:34 pm

Hey gang. First post here. Newbie to the Linux Mint forums, but not to Linux. Been using various editions of Ubuntu, CrunchBang, and LM13, trying to find the right fit for me. I love Nadia KDE so far, but don't have much experience with KDE.

Anyways, the problem. I'm getting sound hiccups. I'm using Clementine to play audio tracks while I work on the system, but any time a system sound tries to play, I get a jump in the playback in Clementine. Could also call it a hop. Clementine's playback continues unabated, but the sound drops for the briefest of moments. About half a second or thereabouts. It's like when a musician skips a beat. Can't hear the system's chime at all. The half-second hop will also happen if I turn the volume down from 100% using my keys, and occasionally, when I maximize or minimize a window.

Solutions I've tried: Changed the Desktop Effects setting to "Low CPU, High Resolution", thinking that may stop the hop from occuring on minimizing and maximizing. I've tried every AudioSink option available for output in Clementine's preferences, and I've tried both increasing and decreasing the buffer. I've also tried going into the Multimedia options under KDE System Settings and changing the audio backend from GStreamer/Phonon to VLC/Phonon. None of these actions have stopped the hop.

I haven't had time to put up a signature, so my specs are: Lenovo T61 w/Core2Duo 2Ghz T7300, 3Gb RAM, Intel HDA audio, NVidia NVS140M graphics (for which the Nvidia binary driver, tested, was installed using the Software Sources dialogue), 320Gb 7200rpm system drive.

Any suggestions in where to look? I normally wouldn't be so picky, but the laptop occasionally does gigs in a local radio station, and the audio output must be 100% reliable. I did not have these problems under the Cinnamon or MATE version of Nadia, so I suspect it's a KDE configuration issue, but I am quite new to KDE.
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